Jewellery – The Best Way to Express Your Self

Whether fancy or costume, nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe like jewelry. Here are our tips for making sure your bluing always looks its best

There is nothing that brings a smile to our face like a pretty ring, a jangly necklace, or some sparkly earrings.

Big or small, real or fake, understated or over-the-top, jewelry lifts the spirits. It also lifts a look. Colorful beads or chandelier earrings could be just the thing to make an ordinary outfit outstanding.

Read on for tips on how to best use jewelry to your fashion advantage.

Show Your Style Spirit :

While jewelry is a very personal thing – gifts from your significant other, family heirlooms, purchases to mark milestones – it can also be a reflection of your style spirit.

Some people can’t go out of the house without loading up necklaces, while for others simple studs will do.

Some woman prefer an armful of bangles, and some load up on brooches. No matter your preference, bits of baubles are all about adding joy to your look.

Keep it chic and cheap :

Keep it chic. In some instances, loading up on the spark lies is an exciting way to accent. But know when to stop. An armful of bangles, means you should think minimal with your necklaces and ear-rings.

Tone it down when your clothes have a lot going on. A ruffle – front blouse can look sweet with a thin chain in the mix, but not with a big, ornate number.

Five Necklace wearing guidelines :

Layer up! A mix of necklaces in varied shapes and lengths can look festive. Stop at a few strands. You don’t want to look weighed down.

A wide choker or bib demands attention and should be your sole statement maker. Forgo other jewelry when wearing such a fetching item.

An open neckline on your top highlights your glitzy accent. The same goes for a solid – color shirt.

A draping necklace is lovely with a long frock. Choose a shorter strand with higher hemlines.

Consider the vibe you are going for. Add colorful beads for a boohoo feel, silver chain for a touch of punk, or pearls for a prim and proper air.

Face – Framing with earrings :

Whether you prefer simple studs every day or dangly drops, earrings have a big impact on your outfit. Yes, they are relatively small, but they are in the direct line of vision of anyone you talk to, so they should be well considered.

Small studs are perfect if you like a tad of glitz and don’t change them every day. Diamonds are the ultimate and go with everything, but pearls or gold or silver studs are just as versatile.

Chandelier earrings draw attention. Keep your accoutrements limited to these stunners; pass on a necklace, brooch, or bangles.

Dainty drop earrings are the middle ground between petite studs and major dangles. They also offer a way to work color into your look.


Up the glamour’s factor with rings :

You don't have to have a major rock to indulge in an eye-catching ring. From classic gold bands to exotic stones, there are styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Use rings to make an even bigger statement every time you talk with your hands.

four ways to wear Rings :

A gob-stopper-size ring is the ideal partner for your cocktail frock. Try one for day, too, when you're wearing basics.

Stack your rings for a funky edge. To properly layer, choose ones that have flat edges or single stones and can be twisted to fit on top of each other.

Don't load up every finger. One adorned digit per hand looks best (especially with cocktail pieces), but max out at two each if you like to wear multiples.

When wearing an attention-getting ring, keep in mind people will look - which means your nails should be properly groomed.


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