About Us


    We are based in the UK and fully compliant with all trading standards and distance selling regulations. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we are pleased to answer any questions you may have relating to our item. We offer a hassle free 7 day return policy and make every effort to accurately describe the items in our listings.

           We import directly from manufacturer most of the jewellery we sell missing out all the middlemen and pass those savings directly on to you. Therefore, you will receive the highest quality  jewel and engagement ring at less than half the price of any jeweller anywhere.


How WE - offers such Low Diamond Prices!


 Retail jewellers typically mark up their diamond jewellery 150-250% cost. This is a fact of the jewellery business. Retail jewellers pay the high costs of fancy display cases, expensive mall rents, managers and salesperson salaries. Add in the hundreds of thousands pounds invested in flashy inventory designed to lure the unsuspecting mall shopper. Even you expect a fair return on your savings account. Retail jewellers need to charge those high prices just to stay in business!

Since we do not have an expensive retail store our operating costs are extremely lowand we buy all our diamonds directly from the source, where the diamonds are polished and cut to the specific high quality as we demand, there are no additional third party fees involved.

 As a result of our extremely low overhead and high volume of diamond sales we pass on the savings to our clients.